Give Something Back ... it really is that simple!

Our fundamental belief is that it takes every single individual, with their own unique gifts to make a community. Large or small. Local or Global.

Life has a way of producing challenges for us all. The level and severity each of us experiences on our personal journey through life differs greatly. We may suffer illness, poverty, become a victim of a crime, or just need assistance, but at some time each of us will need support.

Heinrich Derek aims to extend a caring, compassionate hand to those who need help. For us, it is not about the amount of money or time we give, but the impact we make and the actions we take.

Our goals are these:

  • We will look to target causes that change lives¬†and extend our community support.
  • We will ensure 100% of any finance given goes directly to the cause and not used for administration.
  • We will inform our clients and candidates who we are supporting, and why.

Together we can change lives.