Permanent Opportunites

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Locations Covered: UK and Europe Predominantly 

Mid Management to Board Level РTypically £50 to £150k + Package Opportunities


Whether you are embarking on your first strategic move within your chosen career path, or a seasoned executive exploring how the next role not only advances your career but can leverage beyond that, we operate principally in the arena of ‘Business Critical’ roles.

A high percentage of our work is either retained or certainly exclusive and very often confidential. As such we invite you to be in contact with us regarding your career and future opportunities, as we tend not to advertise in the traditional way.

Interim Opportunities

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Locations Covered: UK Nationwide

Mid Management to Board Level РTypically £300 to 800 per day


These opportunities invariably are looking for individuals who can deliver at a high intensity and can leverage bets practice asap within an organisation. All of which are ‘Business Critical’ roles.

They vary in length from 3 to 12 months, typically being around 6.