Caring for your employee’s health and wellbeing in and out of the workplace

In mobile and heavily digitally reliant economies, organisations’ employees are experiencing significantly increased pressures, periods of isolation and increased levels of mental health illness.

In the UK alone has experienced significant impact on our society individually, socially, and economically. Approximately one in five United Kingdom adults aged 16 to 85 years will experience at least one of the common forms of mental illness throughout any given year.

Our values and engagement with our clients are centred on people and cultures. Of building not only high performing teams, but ones that are sustainable, happy and have a positive impact on employees, families, and their communities.

We therefore are teamed with a market-leading and specialist provider in mental health and wellbeing solutions for our customers. Solutions that go far beyond being just scheme based and offering support at a point of crisis. Our solutions are proactive, scientifically based on solid academic research, support clients in their obligations and education, and build effective workplaces and communities.